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Impact Design & Marketing

Make your brand identity, annual impact report, social campaign or even traditional print materials come to life by leveraging our creative process combined with the skills of our highly knowledgeable design team.

Brand Identity

Every organization requires a strong visual identity that aligns with their core values. We design new brands and refresh existing ones for our clients to accurately project a strong visual for their organization.

Interactive Reports

Many organizations have been moving away from traditional printed annual reports and are seeking digital ways to present their impact reports. We blend our experience in custom website and annual report design to develop engaging interactive reports to showcase their organization's impact.

Traditional Print

There is still a place for engaging print design. Our team has the design skills to develop corporate brochures, annual reports and many other forms of traditional print design based your requirements.

Social Campaigns

Social media is a very effective way to reach thousands (or even millions) of people quickly, and build a loyal, engaged audience eager to like, share, and comment on your content. We’ll help you develop strong customer relationships, build a positive online reputation, create compelling digital and video assets, and manage a targeted social media campaign designed for success.

Let's Work Together

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